Jeremy Youst


Founder & Director of the Power of Breath Institute, Somatic Breath practitioner

Jeremy is passionate about the possibilities of utilizing Conscious Breathing in today’s world and using breathwork (which he calls Somatic Breath Therapy) for deep emotional-somatic healing.  recognizing that breathwork is becoming more and more grounded in science.

He’s logged in over 7000 (3-hour) client sessions, done over 35 breathwork trainings here and abroad, and has been facilitating empowerment for individuals and groups for over 30 years. 

Since 1989 Jeremy has been trained in Rebirthing, Transformational Breath, Therapeutic Breathwork at Transformations, Inc., Holotropic Breathwork, and the Butekyo method.  

In developing Somatic Breath Therapy, Jeremy has brought together the most effective and clinically sound aspects of the major schools of connected breathing techniques along with a heart-centered, spiritual approach. 

Jeremy’s life-long interest, intensive study and commitment to nature-based spirituality and Native Studies enables him to incorporate powerful teachings, working in nature along with sacred ceremonies all guided by the Spirit of Breath.

As a member of the International Breathwork Foundation, he served as National Coordinator for U. S. breathwork community for several years. In 2005 he became a board member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, an organization dedicated to establishing the ethical and professional standards for breathwork around the world.

In 2015/16 he presented Conscious Breathing at the annual Psychotherapy Networker Symposium in Washington DC. (the largest therapy gathering in the USA).

Currently, he is redirecting those interested in breath training to other qualified teachers (e.g. Dan Brule’s Breath Mastery Program:, but still does breathwork consultation and maintains a private practice in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.


Jeremy can be contacted at