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The summit has a mission to support people in overcoming their limiting beliefs and fears in order to achieve a sense of love, joy, and creative freedom with tools such as art therapy, mindfulness, and mind-body somatic practices.

Experience the Art & Science of Creative Arts as Healing to Shift Your Mindset and Build Love, Joy, and Freedom


Stephanie Lau is an empowerment coach who helps people heal and connect to their highest soul-selves through art, energy healing, and mindfulness.

She left a career as a FEMA Counselor in order to focus on sharing her knowledge in mindfulness, meditation, and reiki healing modalities.

In 2018, she trained with the nonprofit Access Mindfulness to help New York City schools and underserved communities live in more self-aware, compassionate, and mindful ways. 

Her mission is to help people transform blockages in their hearts, minds, and relationships in order to feel more love, peace, freedom, and empowerment in their personal and professional lives.



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Stephanie is such a good listener and compassionate person. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and her kindness shines through, from the heart. I feel her insight is also right on target and delivered in just the right way to help you get inspired into action. She is a wonderful coach and resource! Thanks Stephanie for being YOU!

Leah Marie



I am just catching up with all the sessions and I am very grateful for all the effort you put into connecting so much wisdom and inner knowledge and sharing it with the world.

— Veronika

I’ve listened to the most of the interviews, and they are really amazing! I got so much out of this offering already!! Many thanks to Stephanie and her inspiring guests! They contained practical tools that I could use right away.

— Sina B.

I enjoy all your interviews. Thanks so much for these opportunities! I really loved it. The best part for me was the end meditation. It brought tears of joy in my eyes. Gratitude and love to you all the way from Europe.

— Monika B.

You are doing a great job letting people discovering these wonderful breathing techniques. Thank you Stephanie for offering this to us. Incredible session.  Glad I did not miss it.  All the best to you, the team and of course to Jonathan. With appreciation, gratitude and love. 

— Aline C.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to attend such an amazing webinar! Not only for possibility of listening to your very interesting guests, but also because of the very useful tips and tools some of them kindly offer. Mind you I have a deep interest on learning about breathing and breathing techniques, so, the more I learn, the better! … I was very happy to discover Jeremy’s gift, good piece of homeworking. So grateful! Warm regards from Luxembourg.

— Sofia A.


THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting this together and offering it to us all. I’m already feeling the benefit of all the learning and planning to share it with my students as a school counselor.

— Daniela J.


Ashanna, I just wanted to say, I loved your talk with Stephanie and thank you for sharing the mp3 healing with the breath. I connected so much with my true passion for breath work and really looking forward to doing the training with you both. The power of the breath, blows my mind, to truly feel and experience the positive impact it can have.  I am so excited about this work. Sending you so much love and gratitude.

— Clare


Thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Kathleen Booker. Only 2 weekends ago I had my own experience with breathworks and got released from a childhood trauma I carried for decades. So overjoyed I signed up for this event.

— Sredharan R.


I received the links of both days and loved them! Thanks a lot for your kindness in making all this available to a lot of people during these difficult times!  

— Rajeev M.