Steph Magenta


Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher

Steph Magenta is Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher, licensed bodywork therapist and shamanic practitioner. She has a background in research and development in relation to addiction and substance misuse with over two decades of work in sexual freedom activism. She is an award winning writer and blogger for sexual freedom campaigning and a presenter & curator for two ground breaking conferences in this field. She is the co-founder of Integrative Breath school of Breathwork Training which she established with her dear friend Dr Rae Reidel, a U.S based Doctor of Chiropractic and Functional Medicine.

Steph’s work has a strong focus on healing trauma using a wide range of somatic modalities, which she uses to guide each person or group she works with to rediscover a strong sense of wellbeing, purpose and vitality in life.

A mother of three grown up children, Steph is committed to raising healthy human beings who value conscious communication and integral ways of living. She has worked extensively with plant medicines, shamanism and the breath to create lifelong healing for herself and her clients.

Steph is an international retreats and events leader, one to one and group work facilitator.

She is currently based in Glastonbury, UK.

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