Julius Jones


MPA, Keynote Speaker, Announcer, Education and Nonprofit Management Administrator

J.U has sat on various panels and keynoted a myriad of speeches dedicated to helping people move forward and live life using their personal journeys as a guide.

Known for his short stature and bigger than life stage persona and voice, J.U is a HBCU Grad (North Carolina Central University) whose career spans over a decade.

From hosting a myriad of Pan-Hellenic step shows, moderating community talks, and motivating parents and students through information sessions about education and life, J.U attributes his successes to Upward Bound; a federally funded educational program that helps low-income and first generation high school students strive towards the mark of achievement and success within their urban environments.

From previously serving as a Board Co-Chair on the New York Urban League Young Professionals Board and managing two large college-readiness assessments to educating students and parents in various states and consulting for and with nonprofits and education entities, J.U is a firm believer that each person can use their magic to move their community, City, and State forward through leadership and public speaking skills.