Anton & Irina


Founder of I Am Powerful, LLC

I Am Powerful is a social media agency that specializes in content creation, influencer marketing and spreading messages of positivity. As a business owner, Anton uses his knowledge, expertise and voice to influence millions by helping them have a platform and a voice. He works with some of the most well known public figures in the spirituality space. 

Since a young age, Anton Wisbiski has been a seeker of truth. At just 16 years old, he had undergone his own personal transformation journey and is passionate about sharing his findings with others. After struggling with anxiety and depression for the majority of his life, he did not find true relief until he discovered breathwork. With this discovery, he began researching everything about breathwork and started practicing daily and experimenting with different breathing techniques. 


Anton and Irina started getting invited to different events, homes and group settings to lead them with this breathwork technique. 

Today, Anton and his girlfriend Irina facilitate breathwork and meditation trainings for groups and individuals.



Entertainment Banking Relationship Manager

Irina works with clients to proactively manage and develop their business and personal banking relationships. 
Since the age of 6, Irina made it her mission to help people feel noticed and valued. One of the many ways she did this was through her poetry.

She is the Board Chair for the Young Women’s Commission for the SoCal Women’s Conference, she uses her time and energy to educate, mentor and inspire young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and dreams authentically. 
Today, Irina practices breathwork daily and spends her free time leading people in groups and one on one through breathwork journeys with Anton Wisbiski. 

Irina believes that humans all have a few simple emotional needs, and that is to feel loved 
and noticed. Using breathwork as a tool, Irina has made it her mission to create a safe space for people to go on a journey guided by their own breath and find the answers within themselves while feeling loved and noticed.