David Choi


Creator of Biohack the World, actor, entrepreneur, technologist, filmmaker

David is the creator of Biohack the World, the live, biohacking event series in downtown NYC. He’s a web developer and a Cybersecurity professional by trade who has spent his career partnering with Technology Startups, NGOs, Financial Institutions, Software, Technology, Manufacturing, and Media clients. He is an accomplished and versatile program manager with core competencies in Management, Technology, and Risk.

Having studied Economics and Food Science at NYU, he’s been a passionate student of nutrigenomics—the all-natural variety of biohacking—for over 20 years.

He loves to explore and experiment with the intricacies of his own physiology through plant medicines, time-restricted feeding, sleep, fitness routines, functional food, and whatever else is on the menu.

David’s a staunch believer that learning to optimize your biology is everyone’s responsibility and he strives to share all the necessary tools to biohack the world.