David Behrens


Mindfulness Facilitator, Homeopath

For the last 12 years, David has been working with top London clinics in functional medicine, psychology and psychiatry, specializing in mindfulness and meditation programs for mental and emotional health, stress management and resilience, and freedom from addictive behaviors.

David brings a wealth of expertise from nearly 30 years as a teaching monk at a school of yoga in India, where he taught meditation retreats and studied eastern and yogic philosophies, Ayurveda medicine, homeopathy and nutrition.

David is presently teaching regularly for the NHS Recovery College of Gloucestershire for Mental Health Recovery and leading one month mindfulness-based  substance abuse recovery programs for the Nelson Trust.

He transitioned from his monastic life in 2007 to further his studies of mindfulness and homeopathy. Through his in-depth knowledge of Mindfulness and Meditation he has developed a therapeutic model to serve Mental Health Recovery, Relapse Prevention and Pain & Stress Management.