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Get Powerful Tools to Release Limiting Beliefs, Experience Breakthroughs, and Create Lasting Joy and Healing 
for Your Mind, Body, and Heart

Here’s Everything You Get Inside Your 
Transformative Coaching EXPERIENCE:

Joyful Healing

1-on-1 Coaching

Life Path Transformation

1-on-1 Coaching

Mindful Living

Group Coaching

1 month

3 months

1 month

For who:  Anyone who needs more joy and healing in order to expand their lives and align with their purpose and passions. Want to achieve more while reducing stress, establish peace and balance and ensure long-term health and growth (personally and in their business)


Expected Result: Balance in mind-body-spirit. Transformation in friendships, relationships, and lifestyle to feel amazing, joyful, and fully embodied to pursue your dreams, while enjoying life to its fullest, strong sense of purpose, inner-connection, and love of self.


For who:  Career and lifestyle coaching for Entrepreneurs who want to achieve more while gaining peace, direction, and aligned purpose for effective and clear action.


Expected Result:

Unshakable Direction, Balanced Lifestyle and Self-Confidence to walk your path, accountability and tools to track your progress on their most important projects.


For who:   Anyone who wants to build more mindfulness, peace, compassion, and presence in their relationships, connections, and day-to-day life.


Expected Result:

Strong present-moment awareness in your every day life, the ability to enjoy your life and relationships more fully, deeply, and joyfully.


Weekly coaching, long-term vision session, exercises for mindfulness, breathwork, self-love and self-care, healing exercises for stress and trauma relief, planning, strategies for healthy and joyful living to elevate your vibe/state



Weekly Coaching Session on mindset, leadership, situations that arise, dealing with important decisions with ease, getting more done and impacting the world in a positive, powerful way full of energy.


Mindfulness and Breathwork Tools, Reflections, and Exercises that bring joy, peace, grounding, stress-relief, clarity and raising your vibration at work, at home, and on the go.

Everything You Get:

+ 4 Coaching Sessions

+ 4 Reflection Exercises

+ Small immediate action exercises after each session

+ All access through WhatsApp for 1 month



30 min remote reiki session Final evaluation session


Everything You Get:

+ 12 Coaching Sessions

+ 12 Reflection Exercises

+ 4 Action Exercises

+ All access through WhatsApp for 3 months





30 min remote reiki session

Mindful Moments: weekly audios


Everything You Get:

+ 4 Mindfulness + Breathwork Sessions with Q&A

+ 4 Reflection Exercises

+ 2 Action Exercises

+ All Access through WhatsApp for 1 month



Mindful Moments: weekly audios


$ 1000

(Payment Plan: 700 + 300)

$ 2000

$ 1700

(Payment Plan: 1200 + 500)

$ 1400

$ 500

(or $300 each by bringing a +1)

Tuesday 1 PM Eastern |

Monday 2 pm / Friday 2 pm Eastern

Saturday 3 PM Eastern

Only 3 spots available

Only 1 spot available

Only 8 spots available

Joyful Healing Coaching
Life Path Transformation Coaching
Mindful Living Group Coaching


Stephanie provided a very special, private, professional and present experience for my first NLP session. Her warmth, patience and quiet demeanor served as an invitation for me to become quiet, go inward and tune into the experience wholeheartedly. I have been noticing proof of the effectiveness of our 1st session already — it’s working! I would highly recommend Steph to my closest loved ones.

Meris R. Gebhardt
Founder | Opulent Mindfulness


Stephanie is such a good listener and compassionate person. She immediately makes you feel comfortable and her kindness shines through, from the heart. I feel her insight is also right on target and delivered in just the right way to help you get inspired into action. She is a wonderful coach and resource! Thanks Stephanie for being YOU!

Leah Marie
Coach |